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Why isn't the interrobang easier to write to webforms‽ It should be! The interrobang character represents a very useful emotion and should be easier to access.

Once the Interrobang Chrome Extension is downloaded and installed, and after opening a new Chrome tab, you can access interrobangs two ways:

  1. The shortcut Ctrl+? (or Ctrl+Shift+/) enters an interrobang into your web form.
  2. Clicking on the interrobang toolbar button puts an interrobang on your clipboard.


Download at the Chrome Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will it work on my Macintosh?

Try Command+Shift+/. It should work.

Is it open source?

It's hosted on GitHub!

It doesn't work for my keyboard locale. (My "?" is not on the same physical key as my "/".)

I had to start with the keyboard locale I had. I'd like to make it work for more locales, too. Let me know what I should do.

The keyboard shortcut didn't work right after I installed it. Why not?

After installation, the keyboard shortcut only works for new tabs, because it has to install an event listener for the tab when the tab is created..

The keyboard shortcut works for most sites, but not for Twitter or GMail. What gives‽

Dang it. Twitter hides the common mechanism Javascript uses to get the current text editing element. Will have to look into that. In the meantime, please use the "click on the interrobang button and paste the character into your tweet" technique.

Why write an extension for a punctuation mark?

Have you seen the Interrobang article from The Secret Life of Punctuation?

Why does it need access to my browsing history and my data on all websites‽

It installs an event listener that intercepts the keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+/ so that it can print the interrobang for you. The only thing it listens for is that one key combination. Putting the interrobang on the page for you means that it has to have access.

Any future enhancements?

Don't hold your breathe, but I'd like to: